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People love to find out what makes successful entrepreneurs and real estate professionals tick! In these interviews, Bruce goes over everything from how he started to how he navigated a massive real estate bust in '07-'08.


Bruce is the Veteran House Flipper That Helped Matthew Gregory get to 1,000 Flips!

Matthew says this about Bruce, "Bruce has been flipping houses for over 30 years. He's also an appraiser and real estate mentor to other house flippers. We've been friends for 10 years and he always has great advice when I need it!"

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Bruce Shares expert tips on flipping houses on The Tucson Morning Blend 

"Bruce Glenn is a real estate appraiser, who has successfully been flipping houses part-time for over 30 years. During this time he has flipped over 150 homes. He is a keynote speaker at numerous real estate and REI meetings. His company name is Flippin Bruce and he teaches classes on flipping houses and recently launched "Flippin Bruce," a membership website that brings his knowledge to the national market. Glenn is also the author of First Flip: 30 Years of Secrets So Your First Flip Isn't a Flop, an international best-selling book, #1 in four home improvement categories."

Fox 4 Southwest Florida

Bruce is interviewed by a local Florida TV station and shares about his book, First Flip, along with our membership site, Flippin Bruce. 

Bruce even shares a special offer for anyone may want to take advantage!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Bruce have extensive experience in appraising, buying, renovating, and selling houses in multiple markets. He is still active in local real estate market and have found a new passion after helping several local investors grow from newbie to experienced investors. Recently published a #1 best seller called First Flip: 30 Years of Secrets So Your First Flip Won’t Be a Flop. Along with this milestone, Bruce launched, a real estate educational site that teaches everything he knows about flipping houses. Flippin Bruce is the educational side of flipping houses. After over 30 years of flipping houses part-time, Bruce has decided to share his knowledge with all of us. Over the last several years he has spoken at a number of real estate events along with teaching several house flipping classes.

The Impact Podcast

IMPACT Agent Podcast is an entertaining and informative real estate podcast that looks at our industry through the lens of our work, adventures, and culture. Host Jason Will interviews Bruce in this fun and informative episode. Hear real stories, strategies, and tips from Bruce and then go out and make it happen yourself!

The Impact Podcast

Listen to Bruce on The EPN Enterprise Podcast Network Show


Listen to host Eric Dye & Bruce discuss the following:

  1. What is the best way to find your first flip?
  2. What is a simple formula to determine if a deal is a real deal?
  3. What is the best neighborhood to flip houses in?
  4. How can you find money for your flips?
  5. How does having the right team make a difference between a good flip and a great flip?
  6. What one tip can you leave with the audience about having a successful first flip?