Don't Believe Everything You Watch!

house flipping shows Apr 22, 2020

I’m back to one of the topics I’ve talked about in a few areas and that is the house flipping shows.

Like I have said in the past, I love the house flipping shows, but you always must be a little cautious in believing everything you hear!

The reason I’m back this time around is I just saw a show this past week that I had to write about. It was one of those shows where the flipper must yell and complain about everyone and everything.

Plus, they always show up in a $200,000 car to show you just how rich they are!

Let me give you the numbers they gave you in the beginning of the show. 

$87,000     Purchase

$10,000     Renovations

$97,000     Total All In

$119,000     Sales Price

$22,000     Profit

First off, the numbers are ridiculous. Here again they don’t consider Realtors commission or closing costs. So, they need to take probably $10,000 off that number which will give them a profit of $12,000. 


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The House Flipping Shows

house flipping shows Jan 15, 2020

We've all seen the house flipping shows and who out there doesn't talk about Chip and Joanna at some point! We do at our house. I honestly am a fan of many of them, but a few things I have to say about them.

Don't believe everything you hear! Below is an excerpt from my book about to come out. This sums up my introduction to these shows years ago.

"Speaking of TV shows - years ago, when all the flipping shows started, there was one based in South Carolina, I believe. The host was obnoxious; he screamed, yelled, and thought he was the most incredible renovator in the world.

(Can you tell I didn't care for him?) Anyway, he walked into this home he wanted to buy on a Friday. He said something along the lines of, "Let's buy it and close tomorrow. I want to renovate it next week and have an open house the following Sunday."

If that wasn't stupid enough, he then verbally went through the list of renovations he wanted to complete. OMG! This guy wanted to tear out, replace, sand, and...

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