Finding Money For Your Flips

funding Jan 19, 2020

Finding Money for Your Flips

Years ago, when I was first starting to flip houses on a larger scale, I had a partner tell me money would not be an issue.

Now, I probably did have the wrong mindset back then, but I told him money was always a problem! Well, I'm here to tell you he was right, and I was dead wrong.

Over the years, money really has been one of the easier parts of the equation. There are so many options. You can work with local banks, or maybe you have friends or family that would want to invest, others may want to do joint venture deals possibly. 

The other way that I want to talk about today is hard money lending. This way of financing projects is sometimes the easiest way for new investors to get started.

Basically, you have an individual or company that lends money to others for purchasing and renovating properties. The rates they charge are going to be much higher than a bank, but if the bank is not an option, then hard money may be a good alternative.

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